Sunday, June 14, 2020

Build your own smoothie bowl bar!


I’ve been SO excited to portion this postal service amongst yous! It’s no cloak-and-dagger that I am a lover of smoothie bowls as well as acai/pitaya bowls, in addition to well, just smoothies inward general. There’sec just something virtually eating a smoothie with a spoon and decorating it amongst a bunch of your favorite superfood toppings. It’s SO fun! And satisfying. Plus, you lot’re getting a ton of nutrients. What could live meliorate?



We made this smoothie bar on a Lord's Day during a girls weekend instead of going out for brunch, which is ever fun, but– usually leaves me feeling similar I indulged mode too much, too like I spent besides much coin. There’second certainly a time as well as a place for those type of brunches, don’t become me incorrect. I am going to demonstrate y'all how to brand a smoothie bar alongside a few different bases, and plenty of topping ideas! Let go to it.




Mango Green Smoothie Bowl

photograph # ane

For the base of operations:

i c. frozen mango chunks

ane/2 medium banana, previously sliced together with frozen (this helps to create the thick “ice cream”-similar texture

one big handful spinach

i tsp. freshly grated ginger (optional)

three/four-1 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk, kokosnoot milk, or coconut water (y'all might ask to add more/less depending on your blender as well as how frozen your ingredients are)

*to summit the mango light-green smoothie bowls, I used sliced banana, bee pollen, in addition to passionfruit!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

photo # two

For the base of operations:

i c. frozen strawberries

1 medium banana, previously sliced too frozen

1-1 1/4 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk

drizzle of dear (optional)

*to peak the strawberry banana smoothie bowls, I used banana, blueberries, chia seeds, in addition to goji berries

Blueberry Cacao Smoothie Bowl

photograph # 3

For the base:

i bundle frozen acai pureé (I purchase the Sambazon make from Whole Foods)

one medium banana, previously sliced too frozen

ane one/ii T. cacao pulverisation

three/iv-1 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk

*to height the huckleberry cacao smoothie bowls, I used hemp seeds, blueberries, as well as cacao nibs

Other topping ideas:

shredded coconut

sliced almonds


chopped cashews, pecans, pistachios, or walnuts

pumpkin seeds

sunflower seeds

sliced strawberries

fresh mango

sliced kiwi

almond butter

peanut butter

cashew butter

Other blend-in ideas:

maca powder




protein powder


If you are making these for a crowd, I’d recommend making the smoothie bases in batches, together with placing them inwards the freezer spell y'all are finishing all the batches and then they don’t melt. Also, earlier y'all start blending, have the toppings ready out inward bowls with spoons and then everyone tin can decorate their ain! When ready to serve, take everyone choice what base of operations they want, in addition to and so decorate!