Friday, June 19, 2020

Cinnamon Banana Almond Butter Toast

Now, this isn’t actually a recipe, only something I brand for breakfast or a snack ALL the fourth dimension. I do a ton of variations alongside unlike nut butters, like cashew or peanut butter, I sometimes role sunflower butter likewise. It is then fun to experiment with nut butters. I’ll also become a bunch of different grainy seedy breads. I honey dear dearest super grainy wheaty oaty breads.

IMG_0072And so I will slice bananas and place them on the toasted or grilled staff of life that is already slathered liberally alongside nut butter, in addition to approximately times I will squeeze the banana into it if it’sec super ripe.

Then, I volition drizzle it alongside love or agave syrup in addition to cinnamon.

LOVE this. It’sec belike besides simply because I love staff of life more than life itself as well as I could in all likelihood swallow a loaf inward one sitting..

Or mayhap I have.

Make this! It is awesome for a quick breakfast running out the door.