Thursday, June 18, 2020

Cinnamon Coffee Oat-Coconut No-Bake Energy Bites

IMG_0679These are a perfect pre-workout or mail workout snack, or a quick bite for a sweetness craving.. together with they’re really good for you!

They are packed alongside good for you fats, poly peptide, omega-three’second, together with tons of flavor. If you lot didn’t know, I am a huge peanut butter fanatic together with I LOVE coconut. And coffee. And basically every ingredient inwards these bites.

They are swell for an on-the-go breakfast too!

Makes nearly 15-xx bites, depending on the size.

1 c. one-time fashioned oats (non instant)

i 1/ii T. chia seeds

i/iv c. + two T. peanut butter

2 ane/2 T. almond butter

ane/2 c. unsweetened shredded coconut

2 T. pumpkin seeds

ane T. raw almonds

1 ane/ii T. flaxseed meal

i one/ii T. java grounds

i tsp. cinnamon

pinch of salt

drizzle of dear (well-nigh ane-ii tsp.)

ane T. coconut petroleum

Combine all ingredients in a nutrient processor. Pulse x-twenty times, then function processor for about xxx seconds close to until thoroughly blended. Might be a bit crumbly, too if then, add some other tablespoon or two of nut butter. It’sec o.thousand. if mixture is a picayune crumbly, it will come up together every bit you roll the balls.

Roll into ane” balls, sprinkle amongst more than shredded kokosnoot, too refrigerate for at least an hr or two. Overnight is best.

Keep them inwards the fridge in an airtight container for convenient snacking, pre-workout, mail-workout, or anytime!