Thursday, June 18, 2020

Cremini Mushroom Rosemary Fontina Toasts

IMG_0652These toasts/flatbreads/crostinis were inspired from an experience my mom as well as I had at Pure Wine Cafe, a cute vino bar inward the town I live.

We had these wonderful wild mushroom fontina flatbreads at that place. Such not bad season. The only job was that the mushrooms too cheese cruel off of the staff of life, which made it a flake hard to swallow. They were really delicious however, so I decided to re-create them at home. I added a layer of cheese on superlative of the breadstuff as a bottom layer, and so the mushrooms, and and so more than cheese on top. The bottom layer of cheese acted similar a “mucilage” in addition to kept everything intact.

These are a must-effort for a lite dinner amongst a salad, or as an appetizer for your side by side become together!

I likewise used Atwater’sec (a small-scale bakery in Catonsville, MD) struan staff of life, which is a hearty dearest wheat breadstuff that unremarkably contains polenta, wheat bran, rolled oats, dear, together with rice. This harvest bread alongside a affect of sweet worked inwards this savory recipe to remainder the flavors.

Yield: Makes nigh 6-eight half slices of toast

Prep time: x minutes

Cook fourth dimension: fifteen minutes

ane bundle cremini mushrooms, diced (About two-3 cups)

ane/ii medium yellow onion, thinly sliced

two T. chopped fresh rosemary

splash of white wine (well-nigh ane/iv c.)

2-iii garlic cloves, peeled

3-four slices of crusty artisan breadstuff of your choice, sliced i/two-3/iv inwards. thick

two T. olive fossil oil

i c. grated fontina cheese

common salt in addition to pepper to taste

Begin past heating 2 T. olive fossil oil (a healthy drizzle) in a big skillet to medium/high oestrus. Sauté onions for two-iii minutes until they set about to develop a niggling fleck of gold brown caramelization. Next, add the mushrooms, too sauté for an additional 5-vii minutes, until golden dark-brown and caramelized. Add a splash of vino to the pan, as well as permit the alcohol ready out for one-two minutes. Season alongside common salt as well as pepper to gustatory modality, together with 1 T. of the rosemary. Set aside.

Preheat broiler to high, as well as place oven rack to the moment from the pinnacle shelf.

Toast breadstuff slices in toaster, making certain they are thoroughly toasted, crusty, too gold. As shortly equally they come up out of the toaster, rub them with a garlic cloves while they are withal warm. The garlic will well-nigh melt into the staff of life. Top bread slices with a layer of the shredded fontina, and place on a baking canvass. Place nether the broiler for 1-2 minutes, watching carefully. You just desire the cheese to melt a chip and non brownish, and then you lot take a “gum” for the mushrooms to stick to.

Take them out of the oven, too pinnacle alongside a few spoonfuls of the mushroom mixture, in addition to some other layer of shredded cheese. Place under the broiler once again for 2-three minutes, until cheese is bubbly as well as a fleck aureate. Sprinkle with remaining rosemary and permit prepare for 2-iii minutes to cool earlier slicing inwards one-half. I sliced mine on the diagonal..I thought it looked pretty.

Enjoy alongside a salad or serve every bit an appetizer too savour!


Extremely delicious together with and so unproblematic.