Saturday, June 13, 2020

Feta, Herb & Lemon Garlic Fries with Spicy Harissa Hummus

THESE FRIES. It’s time I say yous well-nigh my vice. Fries, that is. Or chips, really. But fries are my #i love. When they’re around, it’s game over. I dear them and so and so and then then much. I treat myself to them when I’1000 out at a eating house unremarkably, specially if they’re of the parmesan/truffle/garlic diverseness. I rarely make them at abode, but these made me want to more ofttimes. I know that frying is intimidating for around, simply it’second actually so easy. If you don’t want to mess amongst frying, yous can bake them or fifty-fifty function store-bought. I won’t estimate.

This hummus is SO proficient. It’sec making me query why I always buy store-bought. It’second got the perfect balance of spicy together with garlic flavor, and I peeled the chickpeas which makes it SUPER creamy. Peeling chickpeas power sound similar the worst job, but I hope it’s soooo worth it.

If you lot’ve never cooked with harissa, it’s a Moroccan spicy pepper sauce. It industrial plant perfectly inwards sauces together with dressings. I purchase the spicy diverseness. (It comes in spicy in addition to mild normally).
Ok. SO, I used the double-youngster method for these. It ensures that “crispy on the outside, soft as well as warm on the within” texture that nosotros all dear. It actually is crucial. First, y'all tike them for iv-five minutes, in addition to then drain on newspaper towels. Next, yous heighten the temperature a fleck, in addition to youngster them for an additional span minutes. It industrial plant like a charm.

Like I said before, you can bake them at a high temp, or even bake store-bought frozen fries if yous’re pressed for fourth dimension. They volition nevertheless gustatory modality amazing thanks to the feta, herbs, garlic, and lemon. And, the harissa hummus of form!
These would live a fun weekend projection or Friday dark process with around wine and relaxing. Can you lot intend of a ameliorate mode to unwind than a huge plate of freshly fried french fries in addition to a glass of wine? I really tin can’t.


See, I couldn’t expect to dig in mid-photoshoot.


Feta, Herb & Lemon Garlic Fries with Spicy Harissa Hummus


Appetizer, Side

Prep Time 45 minutes

Cook Time 20 minutes

Total Time ane 60 minutes v minutes

Servings two -four

Author Molly (Spices in My DNA)


  • For the FRIES:

  • 3
    russet potatoes, peeled and cutting into ane/iii'' slices, and then sliced into 1/4''-i/iii'' sticks

  • 1

  • two
    canola petroleum (for frying)

  • ane/ii
    feta crumbles

  • one/iv
    lemon zest

  • i/4
    garlic pulverization

  • ii
    chopped fresh oregano

  • i
    chopped fresh apartment leafage parsley

  • few cracks of freshly ground dark pepper

  • sea salt for seasoning

  • For the HUMMUS:

  • one
    can chickpeas, drained and rinsed (together with peeled if you lot have time!)

  • i/three

  • juice of ane lemon

  • 2
    garlic, chopped

  • 3

  • ane/ii
    common salt

  • ane/2
    extra virgin olive petroleum


  1. Begin past soaking the fries. Place cutting fries inward a big bowl of warm water with ane tsp. of vinegar. Let soak for at to the lowest degree 30 minutes. The longer, the meliorate. This draws out the starchiness too helps the fries become crispy.

  2. While fries are soaking, make the hummus. Add chickpeas as well as tahini to a food processor in addition to pulse until finely chopped. Add the lemon juice, garlic, harissa, in addition to table salt. With the motor running, stream inward the olive crude as well as let it whirl until super creamy. Set aside. Heat a heavy stock pot fitted amongst a deep-tyke thermometer with crude oil to 325℉.

  3. Remove potatoes from the H2O, together with let drain betwixt two kitchen towels to remove excess H2O. Make sure the potatoes are VERY dry out. Add two handfuls of potatoes to hot crude. Par-cook until potatoes are lite chocolate-brown, iv-five minutes. Remove potatoes, gently shaking off excess rock oil in addition to permit drain on rack too/or newspaper towels. Repeat until all of the potatoes are par-cooked. If y'all take fourth dimension, let the potatoes cool and dry out off a fleck at this indicate earlier you lot re-nestling. This ensures even more crispiness.

  4. Raise estrus of oil to 350℉. Cook potatoes once again, two handfuls at a time, until gilded brown, i-ii minutes. Remove from crude, milkshake off excess rock oil, drain on newspaper towels or rack, and now flavour with common salt. Repeat until all potatoes are cooked.

  5. In a pocket-sized bowl, combine the feta, lemon zest, garlic powder, oregano, parsley, as well as pepper. Stir in addition to toss alongside the hot fries inward a big bowl. Serve alongside the harissa hummus!

Double youngster method from Guy.


I’ll be correct here inwards this pile if you demand me.