Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Greek Yogurt Curry Dip

Greek Yogurt Curry Dip

Greek yogurt curry dip! And lots of jump veggies makes my vegetable loving someone oh-and then-happy. After a picayune also much cheese, cookies, in addition to vino this weekend, I am prepare to swallow the leftovers from this beautiful tray all week!

I start tasted a like recipe at a friends home a dyad months ago. It was INSANELY delicious just contained a lot of mayonnaise and sour cream. Don’t go me incorrect, they both take their time too place, only I wanted to brand a lightened upwardly version! And here nosotros are.

I withal added a picayune fleck of mayo in addition to sour cream for that impact of richness, just otherwise this dip is all plainly Greek yogurt! One of my favorite swaps of all time. Exhibit H5N1. My favorite lightened upwardly BBQ chicken dip. I ate a ton of it this weekend. I cannnnnot go plenty.

Greek Yogurt Curry Dip

Something I dear doing when making a veg tray for entertaining: blanching the greenish veggies. Just boil them for 30 seconds to a infinitesimal, and transfer them to an water ice bath to terminate cooking. They go then VIBRANT together with beautiful! They actually take the beauty of your veggie platter to the adjacent level.

Greek Yogurt Curry Dip


To the dip I added a lilliputian honey, curry powder of course, together with fresh ginger. It’second literally vi ingredients together with has SO. MUCH. FLAVOR. Thanks to the curry too ginger! Such flavour powerhouses.

I used approximately of my favorite jump veggies here: cucumber, heirloom carrots, peppers, easter egg radishes (aye, they’re a thing!!), snow peas, as well as asparagus. But feel costless to function any you like!

Greek Yogurt Curry Dip

This is 100% happening for Easter snacking!


Greek Yogurt Curry Dip

This Greek yogurt curry dip is solely 6 ingredients and it'sec SO flavorful! It's perfect to prep for the week equally a dip for veggies, or for crudite platters for entertaining!


Appetizer, Dip

Prep Time 10 minutes

Servings ii cups of dip

Author Molly