Monday, June 15, 2020

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee


If you’re a java addict like me, Starbucks in all likelihood takes one-half your paycheck. That is why homemade cold brew has been my best friend lately. I am a huge sucker for iced java, even when it’s xx degrees out. I drinkable iced java way more than than I make hot. It’sec just so much better! IMO. Plus it’sec been 100 degrees latterly. You should totally make this for a squeamish alter from your morning hot java, or for an afternoon selection me upward on these hot summer days.


Dark roast java beans go best for this. French or espresso/dark roast are my faves.


I similar to coarsely grind my beans inward the food processor. Super easy. If you purpose already earth coffee, the grinds are style as well small, as well as y'all’ll take coffee flecks floating through your java. Not proficient.


Then but strain too bask!

To make homemade cold brew:

vi cups filtered H2O (I role bottled. It tastes meliorate than tap in my experiences.)

2 cups whole coffee beans



fine network strainer

Begin by putting beans inward a nutrient processor and pulse until coarsely ground. It should wait like the moving-picture show above. Add to a pitcher as well as pour H2O over the beans. Stir to combine. Cover too refrigerate overnight or for at to the lowest degree 12 hours for best flavour.

When ready to eat, job a fine mesh strainer amongst cheesecloth together with strain. Store inward a pitcher for up to a calendar week (if it lasts that long)!