Thursday, June 4, 2020

I’m writing a cookbook!

I'm writing a cookbook!

AHHHH I CANNOT believe I’m writing these words! For what feels like forever, I’ve been keeping this hole-and-corner from yous guys. And I’1000 SO excited to live able to share the intelligence today!!! Absolutely OVER the moon nigh it. ❤️

Photo of a hand placing basil on a colorful salad with sliced avocados and tomato

When my publisher outset reached out to me, I honestly idea it was a joke. Wait, who…me? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 cookbook? I all the same to this twenty-four hour period accept a hard fourth dimension wrapping my head about it.

It’sec been a forever dream of mine, too I couldn’t be more than thrilled to be putting all the dearest together with passion I accept for food, cooking, recipe evolution, in addition to photography into something that I tin can hold inward my hands.

And the best office is going to live sharing the book together with the recipes amongst all of yous!

Photo of woman smiling and styling a colorful salad

I tin’t wait to percentage more than details alongside you lot, simply for like a shot let’sec but tell it’s a volume centered about incorporating more than vegetables into your meals inward novel, fun, together with flavorful ways, too showcasing them equally the star, rather than a side!

And of class there volition be veggie cocktails AND desserts inwards at that place likewise! Because it wouldn’t be my volume if there weren’t!

But seriously, well-nigh of all, THANK YOU, each in addition to every i of yous, from the bottom of my heart. This would never live remotely possible without all of your support, in addition to I truly cannot thank you lot enough. XOXO

Photo of a hand placing basil on a colorful salad

photos past the amazingly talented L.A. Birdie Photography.