Thursday, June 18, 2020

Jerk Shrimp Bowls with Black Rice and Mango Cucumber Salsa


I made these for dinner for my mom on Mother’sec Day. We had a huge brunch at Roy’s earlier that twenty-four hours in addition to wanted something lighter for dinner. Brunch consisted of cinnamon rolls, sushi (it had coconut on it!), pork belly with charred brussel sprouts, ribeye amongst sunny side up eggs, hash, as well as kimchi, mango mimosas, together with basil lemon drops. It was and then delicious in addition to indulgent together with then much fun. If yous haven’t been there, I’d highly recommend it.

This dish is super spicy, merely the mango salsa cools it downwards perfectly. I personally dear spicy nutrient, but you lot can e'er note it down on the jerk seasoning if yous’d like. The dark rice is ever a fun alter..I beloved the texture. It has a picayune chip more bite to it than white rice.

Serves 4

ane ane/ii c. dark rice, cooked

Zest of 1 lime

one c. mango, diced

iii/four c. cucumber, diced

i/4 c. ruddy onion, chopped

i/4 c. cilantro, chopped

ane jalapeño, finely chopped

juice of ane lime

ane T. rice wine vinegar

2 T. olive crude

one T. dear

table salt as well as pepper

ane/two lb. shrimp, peeled in addition to deveined

ane T. jerk seasoning (I made my own from this recipe)

Boil iii c. H2O for the rice. Cook according to bundle, too stir inward lime zest one time it is finished. Set aside.

Make the salsa. Combine mango, cucumber, reddish onion, cilantro, jalapeño, lime juice, rice wine vinegar, 1 T. of the olive oil, in addition to dearest. Stir to combine and flavour amongst common salt together with pepper to gustatory modality. Set aside. (You can fifty-fifty brand this ahead as well as refrigerate it..I mean the flavors get hitched with fifty-fifty meliorate that mode).

Combine shrimp, jerk seasoning, in addition to remaining i T. of olive petroleum inwards a medium bowl. Preheat skillet to medium/high rut, and add together a drizzle of olive petroleum. Add shrimp to pan, too cook nearly 2 minutes per side or until done.

To gather, position a yoke of scoops of black rice in a bowl, acme with several shrimp, too and so spoon approximately of the salsa on summit. Garnish alongside more cilantro if desired.

This is a perfect meal for a hot leap or summertime 24-hour interval. You volition want to brand this salsa all the time to eat amongst chips. So refreshing.