Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Mango Smoothie Bowls

Mango Smoothie Bowls

It’s lastly feeling a lot like summertime and I couldn’t live more happy near it. I’m such a warm conditions girl through in addition to through. This also way fourth dimension for more than smoothies! Especially smoothies inwards bowl grade similar this one. Because TOPPINGS.

Mango Smoothie Bowls

If y'all follow me on Instagram, y'all know I’ve been on a smoothie bowl kicking. What’s more than fun than piling a thick smoothie (that tastes similar ice cream as well as/or sorbet), with a TON of toppings?! Fresh fruit, chia seeds, nut butter, granola, love, coconut..the list goes on.

It goes dorsum to the texture thing I utter almost every two seconds on this weblog. Are yous tired of hearing nearly it however? I can’t aid it. I but LOVE having unlike textures in addition to crunch in all meals. Reason # 1 why I prefer smoothie BOWLS over smoothies. So. much. meliorate.

Mango Smoothie Bowls

For this smoothie bowl, I used a mixture of frozen mango chunks, frozen banana, frozen pineapple chunks, freshly grated ginger (such a game changer!), and a kokosnoot milk/almond milk blend! It seriously tastes then summery as well as tropical. This mixture would even live delicious spiked! Not for breakfast though…prrrrobably not the best idea.

Don’t EVEN become me started on the toppings. Kiwi slices, fresh mango, blueberries, raspberries, banana, chia seeds, chocolatey granola, and shredded kokosnoot. So and so proficient! Feel gratis to use whatever toppings you lot similar. Go crazy!

Mango Smoothie Bowls

If you lot’ve never made a smoothie bowl earlier, the key is to use every bit piddling liquid equally possible. And frozen banana makes it SO creamy. Depending on your blender and how frozen your fruit is, yous should only have to add 1/two-three/four loving cup of milk. Just be patient alongside it in addition to stir it around a couplet times betwixt the blending procedure to assist it along if take be!

I too oftentimes add collagen powder or a scoop of poly peptide pulverisation to my smoothies to help amongst mail workout recovery, and I often add a distich large handfuls of spinach or kale. You could make that with this 1 also!

Mango Smoothie Bowls

The best summertime breakfast! Have you lot e'er had a smoothie bowl?


Mango Smoothie Bowls

These mango smoothie bowls are SO delicious together with easy to make! They gustation simply like summertime and volition carry you correct to the beach!


Breakfast, Snack

Prep Time ten minutes

Servings ane big smoothie bowl

Author Molly