Wednesday, June 10, 2020

My Favorite Easy Seafood Tacos

My Favorite Easy Seafood Tacos

Seafood too tacos! Two of my favorite things in life. These were inspired past a fiddling local eatery that has the best seafood tacos I’ve ever had. It’sec a niggling authentic hole-inwards-the-wall home, simply to be honest, those are ever the best. Who agrees?

My Favorite Easy Seafood Tacos

These tacos could not be any simpler. When you lot take beautiful seafood and fresh ingredients, yous actually don’t call for much else. I made a elementary spice mixture for the seafood, and and so merely cooked the shrimp together with scallops in a skillet.

My Favorite Easy Seafood Tacos

Oh too BUTTER. There’second alone one tablespoon in the recipe, simply it adds that petty bear upon of richness that tin can’t be vanquish. You can’t replicate the flavor of what a litttttle flake of butter does to a dish.

I don’t function it frequently inward my cooking, just in these instances, it is and then real worth it.

My Favorite Easy Seafood Tacos

The toppings hither are merely as unproblematic every bit the tacos themselves. Shredded romaine, diced tomatoes, cotija cheese, sour cream, cilantro, in addition to lime.

I seriously dream about the tacos at the fiddling local eating place nearly me. I’m then happy I re-created them so I tin brand them more than often! More tacos (and any Mexican nutrient inward general) = happy Molly.

My Favorite Easy Seafood Tacos

Do y'all take anything planned for Cinco de Mayo? If yous don’t, these should definitely be a role of your dinner plans. They are SO quick. They literally have less than thirty minutes to brand, then that way more than time for margaritas. Am I correct?!

Another matter I beloved doing is thinning out sour cream alongside a lilliputian whole milk together with lime juice. Sometimes lime zest likewise. Totally optional, simply I dear it. That’s how I made it pourable!

My Favorite Easy Seafood Tacos

I desire these for dinner every day of my life.


My Favorite Easy Seafood Tacos alongside Lime and Cotija

These are my favorite seafood tacos too they're SO easy to make! Shrimp as well as scallops become tossed in a unproblematic spice rub, as well as and then topped with lime and cotija!


Main Course, Seafood, Tacos

Prep Time fifteen minutes

Cook Time x minutes

Total Time 25 minutes

Servings 3

Author Molly