Tuesday, June 16, 2020

My weekend in photos.


I am starting a new series of posts on Mondays. I wanted to switch it upwards a trivial in addition to give y'all a peek into what my weekend looks like, whether it be the food I make, or the restaurants I become to. This weekend was total of delicious food too expert times. I hope you lot relish!


Friday was my final twenty-four hours of run before I outset my novel job this coming calendar week. I made ii of my favorite snacks. Buffalo chicken dip and my my bacon queso fresco guac.


Sat my swain together with I had Valentines dinner inwards. I cooked too nosotros only had a relaxing nighttime at habitation. I made chocolate covered strawberries together with added a piddling coconut crude oil inward amongst the nighttime chocolate to make the vanquish harder as well as it added a tiny flake of kokosnoot flavor.


I made a chili garlic shrimp app amongst crusty staff of life. So proficient.


Dinner was a cheesy baked pasta with chorizo too wild mushrooms. It had gruyere, dubliner, parm, porcinis, creminis, portobellos, together with chorizo of grade. Delish.


Dessert was chocolate mousse too the choc covered strawberries.


And Spanish wine added to the theme of dinner.



His breakfast- eggs with dubliner, bacon, together with toast.

Her breakfast- obviously Greek yogurt amongst strawberries, granola, as well as dearIMG_1781

Dominicus nosotros celebrated Valentines twenty-four hour period past going out to this awesome eatery inward Baltimore, Fork in addition to Wrench. They had awesome cocktails and vino.



Our entrees were phenomenal. My fellow got the seafood dish together with it had octopus together with these amazing scallops. I got shrimp as well as grits with this crispy pork and braised kale. Amazing.



We got two desserts because nosotros couldn’t decide. One was a vanilla edible bean panna cotta with homemade lemon curd, candied lemon skin, as well as sesame shortbread, and the other was a coconut raspberry zinger cake. Both were fantastic. We both agreed we’d get back there in a infinitesimal.

It was a wonderful weekend alongside amazing food.

Excuse me spell I go to see the treadmill for 17384782 hours.