Monday, June 8, 2020

Peach Rosé Granita

Peach Rosé Granita

I tin’t mean of a more summery dessert/adult drink/glass of deliciousness. This is SO GOOD YOU GUYS. It’second literally THREE ingredients together with soooo amazing. I desire to swallow it all summertime. Oh wait, summertime is nigh over. How did this happen?!

Peach Rosé Granita

Let’s utter well-nigh this granita. If yous’ve never had granita, it’sec a fancy name for a slushy. Kind of like the snowballs yous ate equally a kid, only more slushy as well as soft. It’sec made past blending fruit too sugar together as well as freezing it, in addition to and then scraping it with a fork then it turns into slush! It’sec genius in addition to and so slow to make.

Peach Rosé Granita

Since the peaches are amazing right like a shot, I decided to make this cracking rosé version. I LOVE a practiced, juicy peach in the summer, too I dearest a adept drinking glass of dry out rosé as well. So I thought, why non put them together?

I’1000 and so glad I did.

Peach Rosé Granita

All yous have to make is combine peaches, sugar, too rosé inward a blender, pour it inwards a dish, and freeze it. It’s seriously THAT slow.

This would live and then perfect to entertain amongst too. It’sec ane of those desserts that looks in addition to sounds fancy, but couldn’t be easier. Don’t you dear those? Especially in the summer when you lot don’t feel similar baking.

Peach Rosé Granita

Even though this is “technically” a dessert, yous could totally eat/drinkable these for happy hour. I may accept done it myself. They are and then refreshing too would live super fun for brunch likewise!

Peach Rosé Granita

Basically, these are amazing whatever time of mean solar day and yous should totally make them asap!


Peach Rosé Granita

This peach rosé granita is exclusively 3 ingredients too it'second SO easy to make! It'sec made by blending rosé, peaches, and carbohydrate, together with freezing it to make a slushy!


Dessert, Drinks

Prep Time eight hours 10 minutes

Servings iv


  • iv
    peaches, peeled as well as diced

  • 3/four
    rosé (I used a dry rosé)

  • 3


  1. Combine peaches, rosé, and sugar inward a blender. Blend until smoothen. Pour into a drinking glass 8x8 baking dish (or any baking dish or so that size). Cover with plastic twine. Freeze for at to the lowest degree viii hours or upwardly to overnight.

  2. Once finished, take away from freezer as well as scrape amongst a fork to form "slush." Serve!

Peach Rosé Granita