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Quinoa Flour Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This banana bread is made with quinoa flour and so it’s higher in poly peptide in addition to fiber than your typical banana breadstuff! It’second sweetened alongside maple syrup in addition to contains no refined sugar. And you tin’t forget the chocolate chips!

Shot of a stack of 5 slices of chocolate chip banana bread

My beloved for banana staff of life runs deep. I haven’t shared a banana breadstuff recipe in a piece which is crazy because it’second one of the near delicious things ever! See also this, this, in addition to this. All older recipes, merely all insanely practiced. This recipe has actually been on my web log since 2016, (too it’s the near pop recipe on my site!) so I wanted to refresh it with roughly new photos for you guys!

I hateful, who doesn’t love banana staff of life? It’second and so comforting as well as simply all around delicious, peculiarly when chocolate is involved.

This recipe is no exception. I absolutely LOVE experimenting amongst option too healthier flours with higher poly peptide as well as lower carb content. This staff of life is also naturally sweetened amongst maple syrup, so there’second no refined carbohydrate, in addition to it’sec gluten gratuitous as well as dairy free as well. I’thousand non gluten or dairy gratis, just I know a lot of you are!

Overhead shot of a bowl of banana bread batter with a rubber spatula sticking out

Quinoa flour has a footling more distinct of a gustation than regular all purpose flour or oat flour, but I personally love it. It’second footling earthy too nutty. I honey that it’second high inward poly peptide as well, and it won’t brand you lot experience weighed down.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made banana bread amongst all function flour, butter or petroleum, regular carbohydrate, too sour cream, as well as eaten nearly the entire loaf inwards a solar day. And and so I don’t experience and then not bad. Hey, it happens!

I have goose egg against making banana breadstuff with the “real stuff,” merely this recipe is an amazing selection when you want something a fiddling more salubrious together with food-rich! I really prefer baking amongst the “real stuff” fourscore% of the time, merely it’second squeamish to alter things upwards!

Overhead shot of banana bread batter in a loaf pan before baking with chocolate chips on top

Extra chocolate chips on tiptop is never optional. Am I right?!

Overhead shot of a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread

I hateful, look how incredible this looks! It seriously looks like regular former banana bread. I tin’t even believe how incredible it tastes. You’ll be blown away at how moist in addition to flavorful it is. Everyone that tries it is in love!

Forward facing shot of a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread with a few slices cut laying on each other

This recipe is salubrious enough for breakfast or a snack, just makes a bully dessert also. The entirely upshot is once again, trying non to swallow the whole loaf.

Shot of a loaf chocolate chip banana bread with a few slices cut off and a gold knife in the background

The recipe is super uncomplicated and exclusively twelve ingredients. Likely all things you lot have on paw! Except for mayhap the quinoa flour, which you tin can observe inward any natural foods grocery store or you can purchase it hither!

Overhead close up shot of a slice of chocolate chip banana bread

I hateful, expect how moist it is?! Which is pretty incredible because y'all unremarkably take to function lots of sour cream/Greek yogurt in addition to/or crude together with butter to go quick breads to live super moist. This i alone has a quarter loving cup of kokosnoot crude oil. Unreal! The bananas in addition to the quinoa flour go together to make the virtually perfect consistency.

Can you order how much I dearest this staff of life?! You must endeavour it.

Overhead shot of a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread with a few slices cut and a ramekin of quinoa on the right side

This is delicious slathered with a fiddling peanut butter or almond butter too..because what isn’t?!

Shot of a stack of 5 slices of chocolate chip banana bread

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Quinoa Flour Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (gf, df)

This banana bread is made alongside quinoa flour and then it'second higher inwards protein in addition to fiber than your typical banana breadstuff! It'second sweetened with maple syrup too contains no refined carbohydrate. And you tin't forget the chocolate chips!


Bread, Breakfast, Dessert, Snack


Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Prep Time xx minutes

Cook Time 45 minutes

Total Time i 60 minutes v minutes

Servings 12 slices (i 9x5 loaf)

Calories 197 kcal

Author Molly