Sunday, June 7, 2020

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

I’ve been absolutely addicted to these recently. As inwards, I can’t have a repast without having a handful of these after. I’one thousand such a sucker for anything salty in addition to sugariness, too these make full that craving perfectly. I’thousand besides obsessed with the nighttime chocolate raspberry combo..I know I’k not lone on that 1.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

This all started when my mom brought domicile Skinny Dipped Almonds, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, ane.5oz, 7g found based protein, Non GMO project verified, gluten complimentary, 5g fiber, 6g saccharide, 180 calories per serving (pack of x)" target="_blank" rel="follow no noopener">these chocolate covered raspberry almonds from the AIRPLANE. Since when did they have amazing snacks like these?! And the second I tasted them, I knew I had to re-create them. They had the thinnnnest layer of night chocolate too this raspberry dust on them too omg.

I was instantly hooked.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

These would live the perfect treat to brand to pass on out equally holiday gifts. I don’t know almost you, but getting food equally a gift is always at the pinnacle of my listing. And they’re so pretty and festive! And we all know how I experience about festive.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

Now these are a tiny chip of a task of dear to make, significant y'all accept to coat each almond inwards chocolate in addition to let the excess drip, as well as so milkshake them all up inwards the raspberry dust. I do this inwards a few batches then they all don’t stick together. SUPER tardily, simply a niggling tiny fleck time consuming. I actually found the procedure super therapeutic, only I’one thousand a weirdo.

This would live a fun projection to do alongside friends or your kiddos!

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

I used freeze dried raspberries, just yous could role whatever fruit y'all similar! They would be and so delicious alongside freeze dried strawberries too!

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

Can’t terminate won’t stop. And these are really pretty salubrious! Dark chocolate + almonds + raspberry dust. Total wellness nutrient.


Raspberry Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Almonds

These raspberry dark chocolate ocean common salt almonds are a perfectly good for you sugariness process, in addition to they likewise make a swell gift for the holidays or a hostess gift also!


Dessert, Snack

Prep Time xxx minutes

Total Time 30 minutes

Servings iv

Author Spices inward My deoxyribonucleic acid


  • 2
    freeze dried raspberries

  • one/two
    sea table salt

  • four
    nighttime chocolate, chopped

  • i
    coconut crude oil

  • 1
    raw almonds


  1. Place freeze dried raspberries inward a nutrient processor or blender too blend until they are a finely ground "dust". Place in a gallon size zilch-peak purse and add together the sea common salt. Close the bag too milk shake to combine. Set aside.

  2. Place chocolate in a microwave condom bowl together with microwave in thirty second increments, stirring in betwixt each, until melted. Mine took nearly i½ minutes. Add the kokosnoot crude oil together with stir until melted in addition to polish.

  3. Using a fork, dip almonds one by one inwards the chocolate, shaking off excess real well, then place inwards the pocketbook amongst the raspberry dust. Once ¼-ane/3 of the almonds are inward the purse, close the bag in addition to milk shake very good until all almonds are completely coated. Place on a cooling rack to dry. Repeat two-three times until all almonds are coated. Let almonds dry out for at to the lowest degree ii hours in addition to bask!

Recipe Notes

*I similar to coat the almonds inwards iii-4 batches and then they don't stick together inwards the purse.