Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Recap of my trip to St. Maarten: Food and Photos


I had the pleasance of being invited to St. Maarten amongst my best friend in addition to her family on their vacation during the showtime calendar week of March. It was an amazing time filled amongst food, beach trips, fabulous weather condition, gorgeous landscapes, lazy days by the pool, games, in addition to proficient company. I was able to cook dinner every nighttime for the family, along alongside more or less lunches and breakfasts as well. It was and so much fun..savour this recap of my photos from the trip!


View from the kitchen table. Yeah, I’k non kidding.


First dark’sec dinner. Burgers amongst sauteéd mushrooms together with onion, rosemary body of water salt murphy wedges, as well as salad.


Day #two tiffin. Mixed light-green salad amongst sprouts, strawberries, grilled chicken, and avocado.


More of the home.


My BBF’sec grandma’sec b-twenty-four hour period dinner. Soy brown saccharide carmine wine marinated flank steak, roasted asparagus, cauliflower squeeze, in addition to mashed potatoes. IMG_1885

B-24-hour interval cake! It was a spice cake amongst orangish & spice cream cheese frosting.


The BEST croissants I’d always had. From this trivial “Croissanterie” on the French side of the island. No words.


Pizza dark was a huge hit! Made a bunch of thin crust pizzas, approximately inward the oven, about on the grill. We had cheese, BBQ chicken with caramelized onions too chives, veggie pizza with mushrooms in addition to peppers, this incredible shaved asparagus prosciutto parm arugula lemon pizza that Laura’s cousin made, too another BBQ chicken veggie version. This may accept been my fav nighttime.


Made my famous avocado egg toasts one morning.


Went out to dinner one night. Yummy cocktail in addition to sushi!



Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 trip to the “Croissanterie”. I simply had to have a croissant AND crepes. The well-nigh amazing banana nutella crepes. Best combination ever…I involve to try to make these at habitation.


Spaghetti bolognese, salad, as well as garlic staff of life + the well-nigh gorgeous sunset.


One 24-hour interval we took a trip to a beach that was a little further away from our place as well as had lunch at that place. How pretty is this salad?! Mixed greens, quinoa, mango, shrimp, together with smoked salmon they made into piffling rosettes. Almost likewise pretty to eat.


Then we got gelato. It’sec all well-nigh rest, right?


Another neat dinner. Pork tenderloin amongst an onion marmalade, salad, lemon parmesan risotto, in addition to sauteéd zucchini.


Choc chip cookies!


Made fish tacos amongst mahi that was caught THE DAY BEFORE too delivered to our house by the fisherman that caught it. Amazing. I made a tequila lime marinade for it, a red cabbage slaw, together with chipotle lime crema. We too had guac as well as margs because how can y'all take tacos without them?


This was the view from lunch on our final 24-hour interval before flight domicile. Probably the prettiest thought I saw in that location.


My best friend Laura as well as I carve up dejeuner. Caesar shrimp salad, tuna tartare, arugula salad, in addition to fries that are not pictured.


It was an amazing trip as well as I am and then thankful I got to get too feel such a beautiful home too fix more or less awesome meals for the family. Wishing I was in that location forthwith!