Sunday, June 14, 2020

Seared Scallops with Sweet Corn Purée, Crumbled Bacon, and Tomato Chive Salsa

Scallops volition forever be 1 of my favorite foods. There’second something virtually their fragile flavour together with sweetness when caramelized. I can’t go plenty! My dad is the same fashion. I’ve learned good from both of my parents..they both take peachy palates. Growing upwardly around such amazing nutrient too family influenced a huge role of who I am today. I was always obsessed with nutrient, from the time I was ii years one-time, stealing nutrient from my (at the time), vii yr former blood brother’second plate. There was never whatever stopping me and my appetite..too I tin enjoin you not much has changed 🙂

So back to the scallops. They are merely seared alongside a piddling salt in addition to pepper in addition to served on this lightened upwards sweetness corn purée. Instead of using cream together with a bunch of cheese to brand the corn purée, I added flavour alongside onion in addition to garlic, together with added a piddling bit of Greek yogurt for creaminess. Greek yogurt is seriously one of my hush-hush weapons in the kitchen. You tin can do SO much amongst it for and so few calories, in addition to there’sec then much poly peptide! You tin can add it to sauces, smoothies, brand crema for tacos, make lightened up spreads together with dips; the possibilities actually are endless.
The sugariness scallops amongst corn purée are a check made in heaven, in addition to the bacon crumbles mixed with the tomato together with lite onion flavor from the chives is to drop dead for. This is a slap-up thought for a engagement night meal besides! It’second on the lighter side simply it feels indulgent. I used a paleo bacon also, amongst no nitrates or carbohydrate. I’d highly recommend using it. It’second all I buy now. I discover it at Whole Foods.


Seared Scallops with Sweet Corn Purée, Crumbled Bacon, as well as Tomato Chive Salsa





Prep Time xv minutes

Cook Time 30 minutes

Total Time 45 minutes

Servings ii

Author Molly (Spices inward my deoxyribonucleic acid)


  • iv
    strips bacon (I used a paleo, nitrate together with saccharide costless diverseness)

  • 1
    medium yellow onion, diced

  • 1
    garlic, finely chopped

  • ii one/ii
    sugariness corn, fresh or frozen

  • two
    0% obviously Greek yogurt

  • six

  • one/two
    grape tomatoes, diced

  • 2
    chives, chopped, plus extra for garnish

  • salt together with pepper


  1. Preheat medium skillet to med/high oestrus. Cook bacon until brownish as well as crispy. Set aside on newspaper towels to drain. Once cooled, crumble into pieces. Spoon out near of the bacon fat except for a tablespoon about too reserve for some other use if desired. Add onion in addition to garlic too sauté for three-iv minutes. Season to gustation amongst common salt too pepper. Add corn together with sauté for another four-5 minutes until caramelized too gilded. Cool for a few minutes.

  2. While corn is cooling, brand the salsa. Combine grape tomatoes, chives, as well as i/4 tsp. each salt together with pepper inward a minor bowl in addition to stir. Set aside. 

  3. Add corn mixture to nutrient processor in addition to pulse until finely chopped. Add Greek yogurt as well as purée until smooth and creamy. Season to sense of taste amongst common salt together with pepper.

  4. Season the scallops alongside a few cranks of black pepper. Add a little of the bacon fat (ane-two tsp.) to a medium nonstick skillet, or yous tin purpose olive rock oil, and rut over medium/high heat. Once pan is hot, add the scallops as well as sear for a two-iii minutes per side, until aureate. The timing volition depend on the size of your scallops. Once cooked, flavor the scallops with a pinch of ocean common salt. To serve, spoon the purée onto plates or wide rimmed bowls, peak amongst scallops, the love apple salsa, too a handful of crumbled bacon.