Thursday, June 18, 2020

Sharp Cheddar Boursin and Arugula Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

IMG_1014These sandwiches are the other constituent to the Easter brunch I made. The peppery arugula mixed with the 2 cheeses is amazing. I know y'all don’t normally mean of putting greens on your grilled cheese, merely it totally works hither. These are very simple to brand in addition to don’t postulate a lot of ingredients.

My family unit loves Boursin, the spreadable herb cheese that comes inwards a petty box. They get in in a garlic as well as herb flavour as well as a shallot too chive flavor. I used the classic garlic and herb for this recipe, only you could role either. There are a duet other brands of the herb cheese, similar Rondele, just Boursin is definitely my favorite. We ever swallow it on crackers or Wheat Thins, just I hadn’t idea of spreading it on a grilled cheese until like a shot. I am so happy I did.

Serves ii. You tin brand this for whatever sum of people, actually.

four slices of your favorite breadstuff (I used an organic sourdough)

Block of New York sharp aged cheddar (I used a xvi-xviii calendar month I institute at Wegmans)

i c. of arugula

2 T. Boursin cheese (garlic too herb diversity)

Freshly cracked dark pepper

ii T. softened butter

Preheat a nonstick skillet over medium/high estrus. Begin by spreading the outside of each breadstuff slice amongst softened butter. Then, spread the insides of the slices amongst Boursin (nearly i/ii T. per piece or desired total). You tin can really brand these equally cheesy or equally calorie-free on the cheese every bit you lot’d similar.

Next, shave off more or less slices of sharp cheddar from the block, and layer on the bottom half of each sandwich. Then, pinnacle alongside half-dozen-vii arugula leaves, too some other layer of sliced cheese. Crack more or less fresh dark pepper on summit, too so superlative alongside other staff of life halves. Put into nonstick skillet, and make the grilled cheeses for ii-3 minutes per side until they are gilt brownish and the cheese is drippy too the arugula has wilted. You may take to cut the oestrus to medium to avoid burning the outside earlier the cheese melts.

Let sandwiches sit for a pair minutes later on removing from oestrus to let the cheese fix. Slice inward half as well as savor!