Friday, June 19, 2020

Spicy Tuna Brown Rice Bowl with Sriracha Lime Mayo Drizzle and Sesame Soy Vinaigrette

I initially thought of doing a “deconstructed sushi ringlet” afterwards i twenty-four hour period making actual sushi rolls, well, attempting. I accept successfully made sushi several times, merely the other solar day, I was out of it together with made regular rice, not the gummy sushi rice. So basically it didn’t function me.

So, I idea of making a chocolate-brown rice bowl with seared tuna together with yummy sriracha mayo together with a sesame soy vinaigrette to kinda accept home of the soy sauce to dip. So that’second what I did too I am super happy nearly it. I LOVE chocolate-brown rice sushi, and then I idea this would live a adept have on it, too that manner yous tin can avoid having a sushi rolling mishap like me!

IMG_0157Gotta beloved the seaweed snack garnish besides!

Prep time: 30 minute

Cook fourth dimension: i hr

Serves 2-iv, depending on how big your portions are

For the sriracha mayo drizzle:

-one/3 c. mayo

-3 tsp. sriracha

-juice of ane/ii a lime

-freshly earth dark pepper

For the sesame soy vinaigrette:

-3 T. soy sauce

-i/four c. rice vino

-1 tsp. sesame fossil oil

-i tsp. freshly grated ginger

-one clove garlic, minced

-ii T. olive crude oil

For the rice:

-three c. cooked dark-brown rice

-1 avocado, diced into i/2 inch cubes, tossed alongside lime juice to forestall discoloration

-1/two c. cucumber, diced

-sliced scallions for garnish

-black in addition to white sesame seeds for garnish

-roasted seaweed snacks cutting into strips for garnish

For the tuna:

-1T. vegetable oil

-ii T. dark sesame seeds

-ii T. sesame seeds

-iv-half-dozen oz. tuna steak

Begin past making the sauces.

For the sriracha mayo drizzle, combine mayonnaise, sriracha, lime juice, too freshly earth black pepper inward a small bowl. Stir to combine as well as refrigerate until cook to serve.

For the sesame soy vinaigrette, combine soy sauce, sesame petroleum, rice wine, grated ginger, too garlic. Slowly current inward olive petroleum together with whisk until combined. Refrigerate until ready to assemble bowls.

Add the diced avocado in addition to cucumber to the rice, as well as stir to combine. Set aside.

Heat a skillet to high oestrus, together with add together 1 T. of vegetable crude to pan. You will know the skillet is hot plenty when you position a sesame seed into the pan too it pops and crackles.

Combine sesame seeds together on a plate, as well as press tuna steak into sesame seeds, coating on all sides. When pan is ready, place tuna inward pan together with sear for xxx seconds to one infinitesimal on each side, even the sides. I like my tuna actually rare, so this may vary on personal preference.

When tuna is finished, remove from rut, together with permit residue for a infinitesimal or two. Then, slice into thin slices.

To gather bowls, drizzle vinaigrette in addition to sriracha mayo over rice, as well as adapt tuna on top. Drizzle both sauces over tuna together with the exterior of the bowl, in addition to acme alongside sliced seaweed snacks together with scallions for garnish.

Enjoy! Sushi is hands-down inward my top five favorite foods.