Thursday, June 18, 2020

“Strawberries and Cream” Overnight Oats with Coconut

IMG_0903This is my have on those moment Strawberries in addition to Cream minute oatmeal packets that y'all belike had equally a child. Or, you lot might fifty-fifty consume them right away. I got the idea from my beau who used to consume them together with who loves my overnight oats.

I was trying to mean of a style to infuse the strawberry season inside the oats, in addition to I came upwardly amongst the thought of making a “dust” out of the freeze-dried strawberries, too stirring it into the oat mixture. It turned out to be a fantastic thought. I used vanilla kokosnoot milk together with garnished the oatmeal with more than freeze-dried strawberries, kokosnoot flakes, as well as fresh strawberries.

I am super happy amongst how this turned out.

Makes iii-4 servings.

2 c. vanilla coconut milk (non the canned coconut milk, the form you arrive the refrigerated milk department)

ane vanilla edible bean, seeds scraped out (yous can function 1 tsp. vanilla extract as a substitute)

1 pinch common salt

ane T. dear

three ane/ii T. strawberry “dust” from freeze-dried strawberries (I procedure mine inward the food processor, but yous could too mash them upward alongside your hands or a mallet inward a plastic pocketbook) (I role Trader Joe’second make)

i one/ii T. chia seeds

one ane/two c. one-time fashioned oats (not moment)

Fresh straberries for garnish

More freeze dried strawberries for garnish

Unsweetened flaked coconut for garnish

Begin by whisking together the kokosnoot milk, vanilla bean seeds or extract, table salt, honey, strawberry “dust”, in addition to chia seeds in a medium bowl until combined. Next, stir inwards oats, together with place inwards a container to permit sit inward the refrigerator to gear up for several hours or overnight.

When make to serve, scoop into bowls as well as garnish amongst flaked kokosnoot, freeze dried strawberries, as well as fresh strawberries! Enjoy. This is too corking to have inward a smaller container when you lot are on the work, or to work.