Sunday, June 14, 2020

Superfood Dark Chocolate Covered Figs

Fig season is WAY too brusque. I absolutely honey these sweet petty fruits, too the fiddling texture “pop” of the seeds in your mouth. Can’t get plenty. If y'all read my blog regularly, yous in all likelihood know I am e'er making healthier sweetness treats in addition to snacks to accept on mitt. These are PERFECT for those times when yous’re craving a niggling something later dinner or midday.

Instead of decorating them with sprinkles, I used all different kinds of superfoods to boost the nutritional content in addition to brand them pretty! So much fun, in addition to and so customizable.

I used cacao nibs, matcha dark-green tea pulverisation, goji berries, chia seeds, toasted kokosnoot, as well as sea table salt to decorate the figs. Hemp seeds, mini chocolate chips, granola, chopped dried fruit, as well as chopped nuts would all live swell besides!
I’1000 a huge fan of super nighttime chocolate..I usually purpose 70-85% cacao. 85% is my absolute fave, only feel gratuitous to role milk, semisweet, or whatsoever chocolate you lot’d similar! This “recipe” is real forgiving.

You tin likewise freeze these as well as take them out as you get a craving for something a niggling sweetness…as well as too since figs are in season for such lilliputian time!

Another thing I dear to make with figs is serve them sliced over crostini with whipped ricotta, olive rock oil, dearest or balsamic glaze, sometimes about herbs, in addition to ocean table salt. SO so practiced. Maybe I’ll part that recipe before long if you guys want? I intend I volition.


Superfood Dark Chocolate Covered Figs


Dessert, Snack

Prep Time xx minutes

Total Time xx minutes

Servings twenty pieces

Author Molly (Spices inward My deoxyribonucleic acid)


  • 12
    fresh dark mission figs, halved (x-12 figs)

  • 3.ii
    night chocolate, chopped (I used 72%)

  • ane/2
    kokosnoot crude

  • Topping ideas:

  • chia seeds

  • goji berries

  • cacao nibs

  • matcha greenish tea powder

  • toasted kokosnoot

  • bounding main common salt

  • granola

  • chopped nuts

  • hemp seeds

  • dried fruit

  • mini chocolate chips


  1. Place chopped night chocolate inward a medium microwave safety bowl. Microwave inwards xxx second increments, stirring inward betwixt. Mine took nearly ane ane/ii minutes. Stir inwards kokosnoot oil piece however hot.

  2. Dip figs inward chocolate as well as sprinkle alongside toppings of selection. Let dry out on parchment or wax newspaper in addition to refrigerate until fix, at to the lowest degree an 60 minutes. These stay inward the refrigerator for a yoke days, or you tin can freeze them for up to a month!



Who else loves having healthy desserts too snacks on hand?