Monday, June 15, 2020

Turkey Panini with Cranberry White Cheddar and Crispy Sage

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Another mode to use upwardly your Thanksgiving leftovers! I do realize y'all may live ill of turkey sandwiches. BUT, this one is unlike. It’second seriously the perfect combination of sweetness and savory as well as the crispy dark-brown butter sage leaves….no comment. I’ve been putting them on everything this fall. Including this pizza. You should likely get off of couch in addition to brand use of your leftovers amongst this dreamy sandwich. As shortly every bit I explicate how to go far..

So I establish this CRANBERRY white cheddar at Whole Foods. How awesome?! It just has that wonderful tinge of sweet too it pairs perfectly with the sharp white ched. My fav.
I actually tin’t proceed repose well-nigh how much I dearest these freaking sage leaves! They’re perfection. I mixed the cranberry sauce alongside a piffling dijon also. SO GOOD.


Turkey Panini alongside Cranberry White Cheddar too Crispy Sage

Prep Time v minutes

Cook Time x minutes

Total Time 15 minutes

Servings ane sandwich, is easily multiplied

Author Molly (Spices inwards my DNA)


  • two
    of rosemary staff of life (or whatsoever other staff of life you lot like)

  • i/four
    cranberry sauce (I used whole berry because I honey it)

  • 1
    dijon mustard

  • v-six
    fried sage leaves

  • two-iii
    cranberry white cheddar (if you tin't find this, regular white cheddar works!)

  • few slices of turkey, heated

  • butter


  1. Preheat a panini press or cast atomic number 26 skillet to medium, medium/high heat. I used a panini press and lay it on medium high. If you lot are using a skillet, depending on your stove, this tin can vary. 

  2. Make the cranberry dijon sauce past mixing the cranberry sauce with the dijon until combined. Set aside.

  3. Butter both sides of the breadstuff liberally, as well as spread cranberry mustard on insides of both halves. Add one-half of the cheese to the bottom slice, then the sage leaves, and so the turkey, as well as remaining cheese. Put on the panini press and prepare for half-dozen-vii minutes or until the breadstuff golden together with crispy and the cheese is melty. If y'all are using a skillet, y'all can place another hot and heavy skillet on superlative of the sandwich to create a "fake panini press". Or, simply cook it similar a grilled cheese in addition to flip a duad times until done.

  4. Serve immediately!

That gilded crispy cheese though! ??