Monday, June 8, 2020

Vanilla Bean Peach Plum Pie Crumble Bars

Vanilla Bean Peach Plum Pie Crumble Bars

My obsession alongside crumble bars/pie bars continues. There was a point in time I made them super frequently, merely I got away from it for around argue. My beloved was rediscovered with these berry crumble bars together with I’k non looking dorsum.

Vanilla Bean Peach Plum Pie Crumble Bars

Especially alongside all of the amazing summer fruits! The peaches as well as plums are AMAZING in these bars. Any baked dessert amongst peaches is incredible inwards my persuasion. I idea the plums would live a squeamish add-on because they’re a picayune more tart! Love them besides, simply in that location’s nada like a really good peach.

Vanilla Bean Peach Plum Pie Crumble Bars

I wanna brand these amongst every fruit. Berries would be wonderful, or all all strawberry version would live SO proficient. I’1000 loving this crust recipe because it gets so crunchy as well as it’s the perfect total of sweet.

And permit’s be existent. Pie bars are SO much easier than making pies. I tin can’t brand an attractive looking pie to save my life. Which is why I likewise go for these.

Vanilla Bean Peach Plum Pie Crumble Bars

I tend to put vanilla edible bean in almost all of my desserts because I dear it and so much, together with these are no exception to my rule. I haven’t made too many vanilla bean peach things, just I’one thousand SO glad I did. Oh my gosh. I can’t go over the flavour hither.

I had these every bit “breakfast dessert” the morning time I was shooting these, too it was SO hard to cease at i. They aren’t sickeningly sweet whatsoever, so they’re perfect for an afternoon process amongst a cup of java or tea..or fifty-fifty breakfast. Because why the heck non?

Vanilla Bean Peach Plum Pie Crumble Bars

And for the crumble topping, don’t even get me started. Who else picks the crumble off of things? That would be me.

My family HATES the fact that I’m ever picking off of everything. I’ve done it for equally long equally I can recollect. Half eaten cookie? It’sec got to live Molly. Banana staff of life amongst all of the crumble picked off? Molly. Muffins with streusel picked off? Definitely Molly. Brownies with a 1000000 forkfuls taken out? M-O-L-L-Y.

And I’k not lamentable well-nigh it at all. It only tastes improve that mode! Who agrees?

Vanilla Bean Peach Plum Pie Crumble Bars

I definitely did it amongst these besides.

Vanilla Bean Peach Plum Pie Crumble Bars

Don’t forget the vanilla water ice cream!

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Vanilla Bean Peach Plum Pie Crumble Bars

These vanilla edible bean peach plum pie bars are the perfect process to brand to purpose up all your summertime peaches together with plums! They're infused alongside vanilla bean too!



Prep Time xx minutes

Cook Time 50 minutes

Total Time ane hour 10 minutes

Servings ix bars


  • one/2
    loving cup
    unsalted butter, melted

  • 2
    pure vanilla extract

  • one/2
    loving cup
    dark-brown carbohydrate, loosely packed

  • 1/four
    common salt

  • ane/four
    + 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, divided

  • ane one/two
    all role flour

  • 2
    medium peaches, diced

  • 2
    modest dark plums, diced

  • two
    lemon juice

  • 1

  • seeds from i vanilla bean


  1. Preheat oven to 350℉. Line a 8x8 drinking glass baking dish alongside parchment newspaper too spray all sides amongst cooking spray.

  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together the melted butter, vanilla, brownish sugar, ¼ cup of the sugar, and salt. Add the flour together with stir until mixture forms a dough. Press ¾ of the mixture into the bottom of the baking dish to create the crust. Reserve the other ¼ of the mixture for the crumble topping.

  3. Place the diced peaches too plums inward a medium bowl. Add the lemon juice as well as cornstarch together with toss. In a modest bowl, mix together the remaining ii tablespoons of carbohydrate as well as the vanilla edible bean seeds. Massage them together inward your fingers until combined. Add to the peaches and plums as well as toss to combine.

  4. Pour the fruit mixture over the crust evenly. Crumble the remaining crust/crumble mixture over the bars.

  5. Bake for 45-fifty minutes or until the crumble is gilt. Let cool completely earlier cut into bars, this volition ensure they rest together. If you don't care nearly the aesthetic, serve them warm amongst vanilla ice cream!