Friday, June 5, 2020

Vanilla Lavender Layer Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

This vanilla lavander cake is the perfect cake to make for a spring political party or ladies brunch! It’second frosted with 3 pastel colored icings, too it’second and so topped with a rich dark chocolate ganache! It’second tardily to brand together with gather ahead of fourth dimension likewise!

(This post is sponsored by Chocolove! Thank y'all and then and so much for reading as well as supporting the brands that I beloved!)

Straight on shot of a layer cake with pastel colored icing, chocolate ganache dripping down the cake, and flowers on top

Making cakes is something I take grown a huge honey for over the past half-dozen months roughly. To be honest, they have ever intimidated me, as well as I’ve always opted for cupcakes or bundts or less-intimidating cake-similar desserts! Ever since I scrap the bullet as well as make one for my birthday final twelvemonth, I was straight off hooked on how fun they are to make, together with how therapeutic the process is!

Overhead shot of a mixer filled with icing with the mixer paddle attachment sitting in it

I wanted to make a cake with calorie-free in addition to springy flavors, but something that even so had chocolate in it! I am so hooked on Chocolove’sec nighttime chocolate, and I take a difficult fourth dimension making desserts without it at once!

I decided to become for a vanilla lavender cake, too to summit it alongside nighttime chocolate ganache. Because everything is ameliorate alongside ganache, correct?

I’ve grown to have such a beloved for lavender inward my desserts in addition to drinks especially! It’sec then perfectly floral in addition to low-cal without beingness as well blossom-y. If that makes whatever sense!

The icing is SO fluffy in addition to perfectly vanilla-y likewise. And possibly the nigh fun part of this cake!

Overhead shot of 3 bowls of icing, one purple, one yellow, and one pink

I decided to split up the frosting into thirds as well as to dye each a pretty pastel color, as well as then ice the cake inwards a “necktie-dye/sunset” blueprint. No require to live exact hither AT ALL. Just alternate your colors around the exterior of the cake, together with it will plough out beautifully, I promise! Way easier than it looks.

Straight on shot of a layer cake with chocolate ganache dripping down with a slice being pulled out

I likewise love making “naked” cakes because they are then much easier for impatient people similar me. Icing a cake to perfection and making it smoothen sounds really hard in addition to I’m not sure I could ever make it perfect! Hence, my beloved for naked cakes. They’re so gorgeous together with don’t take to live perfectly, fully iced!

I’k non much of a frosting individual anyway. The less, the improve.

Are y'all team cake or squad frosting?

Close up shot of a layer cake with a slice being pulled out

This drippy chocolate ganache though. It’sec SO delicious. The cake is low-cal as well as springy with the lavander together with vanilla, too the nighttime chocolate flavor pairs with it and so beautifully. And it gives you your chocolate cook, for all of you lot who tin’t take dessert without it!

Overhead shot of a cake on a cake stand covered in chocolate ganache and colorful flowers with a slice taken out

I’k a big fan of using flowers on height of my cakes and desserts, because it’s such an easy fashion to brand things expect super pretty. Totally optional, merely I love it!

Such a perfect dessert to phone inwards Spring!

Close up shot of a slice of cake with purple, pink, and yellow icing with a gold fork resting on the plate

Straight on shot of a layer cake with pastel colored icing, chocolate ganache dripping down the cake, and flowers on top


Vanilla Lavender Layer Cake amongst Dark Chocolate Ganache

This vanilla lavander cake is the perfect cake to brand for a spring party or ladies brunch! It's frosted alongside 3 pastel colored icings, in addition to it's and so topped with a rich night chocolate ganache! It'second slowly to make as well as get together ahead of fourth dimension too!


Cake, Dessert

Prep Time one hr 30 minutes

Cook Time 25 minutes

Total Time ane hour 55 minutes

Servings x

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