Friday, June 12, 2020

What I’m Loving + Stocking Stuffer Ideas!


I’ve been meaning to share i of these types of posts for awhile. They’re then fun! There are so many wonderful things I’ve been loving of late as well as wanted to portion with you guys. This isn’t a sponsored post, I but wanted to say y'all nigh these fabulous products! Plus, tis’ the flavour as well as I know we are all looking for gift ideas. These are all smaller gifts that could fifty-fifty operate as stocking stuffers!


There’sec a fiddling scrap hither for everyone. Food items, beauty/healthy skincare products, too workout/fitness attire!

1. Eating Evolved Coconut Butter Cups – Caramel & Sea Salt: Omg. These things are so darn proficient…any they’re only 5 ingredients! Coconut, cacao, kokosnoot carbohydrate, cacao butter, together with himalayan ocean salt. Plus they’re organic, paleo, vegan, as well as dairy gratis likewise. You’d seriously never know. I love these for when I want a cleaner process without a bunch of junk! I’ve besides tried the banana cream flavor too that 1 was super delicious also!

two. Rosehip Oil: If yous’re into natural skincare, this stuff is amazing. I take super sensitive peel, too it works wonders. I use it at nighttime inwards home of moisturizer afterward I launder my face. It has seriously brightened my skin as well as evened my skin note. It’s full of vitamins too antioxidants, together with it has anti-aging effects too! Absolutely dearest it.

three. GoMacro Bars: These are SO GOOD. I’m ever looking for good for you protein bars to get me through the mean solar day. These make non disappoint. Every flavour I’ve had has been then amazing. I’k active in addition to I work out v-six days a week, too these take plenty protein too skillful stuff to proceed me going mid-forenoon or mid-afternoon. They’re organic, gluten complimentary, vegan, as well as not-GMO too! My favorites and so far take been banana + almond butter, cherries + berries, in addition to peanut butter (surprise, surprise).

four. Healthy Human Cruiser Tumbler: To enjoin I’k obsessed alongside these would live an understatement. I am a victim of going through a example or ii of plastic H2O bottles a calendar week (and then bad, I know), too this loving cup completely remedies that outcome. It keeps my java hot inward the morn, together with it keeps my H2O cold all day! Plus, I’m weird as well as I beloved drinking out of straws. It’s PERFECT. This would live a great gift for anyone.

five. Wild Friends Seasonal Peanut Butters: It’s no secret that I’one thousand a straight upwards peanut butter addict. These are fueling my addiction fifty-fifty more (if that’sec fifty-fifty possible). I recently stockpiled half-dozen jars of this stuff inward fright that it would sell out over again. It’sec SO adept! The pumpkin spice has the virtually perfect sum of spice and warmth, and its ridiculously creamy as well as shine. SO so practiced. The gingerbread in addition to saccharide cookie flavors are amazing as well. So fun to bake with also! Anyone would love these.

vi. RX Bars: I LOVE these in addition to have been eating them e'er since they came out. The entirely ingredients are literally egg whites, dates, as well as nuts. They’re super clean in addition to they accept 12 grams of protein, which I am always looking for inward a bar. They’re chewy as well as have a lot of texture, which I personally beloved. I’ve tried every season as well as if I had to pick out, my favorites are Maple Sea Salt together with Apple Cinnamon!

seven. Benefit ka-BROW!: This material is amazing. If you lot like filling in your eyebrows, just even so similar them to wait natural, this is perfect. I had been using gimme brow for the by span years, only I like this even improve. It has a drier formula then it’second easier to command how much production you pose on, in addition to it comes with a brush! It makes your eyebrows beautiful and defined without existence too overkill. Love it!

8. Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Moisturing Foundation: This foundation is and so stunning. It gives the prettiest glow. It has this luminous, pearly complete that catches the light’second difficult to explicate just and then beautiful. I like a lighter coverage foundation, and this fits the nib. I’one thousand a long fourth dimension lover of this BB Cream, simply I’1000 loving this Hourglass material for a dainty switch-upward when I’one thousand looking for a petty more coverage in addition to sheen!

nine. Fabletics Leggings: I’ve been a member of the Fabletics VIP plan for a dyad years now in addition to I honey everything I’ve purchased. They have a ton of athleisure material that I practically alive in, and the quality is nifty. It’s affordable besides. I dear their leggings for working out too but wearing amongst regular outfits. Their capris are fabulous as well as and then are their tanks. These leggings are groovy especially because of the mesh vents. Super cute pattern and styling!

[This is not a sponsored post, I simply savor talking near the products I dearest and desire to share with you guys! I promise yous enjoy!]