Monday, June 15, 2020

White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Mousse with Honey Lemon Berries


This is what you lot should brand for quaternary of July! It looks in addition to sounds super fancy but it’second actually SO unproblematic. Who doesn’t dearest creamy vanilla-y, white chocolatey mousse amongst the freshest summertime berries? This recipe is slap-up for kids could totally spike the mousse with a piffling something though. You tin can brand this up to 2 days ahead in addition to go along it inwards the refrigerator until you’re fix to role it. Feel free to purpose whatsoever berries y'all similar only these only pass off to live my personal faves!

These beautiful fiddling cups offset amongst this chocolate. I establish it at Whole Foods in addition to it already has vanilla edible bean in it. I added more than though because I honey all things vanilla. I had to bound myself from eating all of this piece making the mousse.
If you lot don’t have vanilla beans, feel gratuitous to add together a teaspoon of vanilla extract instead. I but LOVE vanilla beans in addition to e'er accept them on paw.
To brand the mousse, y'all pretty much only melt the chocolate alongside a piffling heavy cream, whip just about cream separately, and so flexure it together too refrigerate. No brainer.
And the BERRIES! So gorgeous. Reason issue 343209212 why I never desire summer to cease together with can’t believe its already practically July.


White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Mousse amongst Honey Lemon Berries



Prep Time twenty minutes

Cook Time ten minutes

Total Time xxx minutes

Servings 6

Author Molly (Spices inwards My deoxyribonucleic acid)


  • vii
    white chocolate, chopped (whatsoever diverseness, I only dear the vanilla bean sort!)

  • ane
    vanilla bean, carve up

  • two iii/iv
    heavy whipping cream, common cold

  • one/ii

  • ane one/ii
    strawberries, diced

  • three/iv

  • 3/four

  • zest together with juice of one lemon

  • 1
    granulated sugar

  • 1


  1. Put chopped chocolate into a oestrus proof medium bowl. Set aside. Heat three/iv c. cream over medium high estrus together with add together the whole vanilla edible bean. Once it simmers (sentinel carefully), remove from estrus in addition to pour over chopped chocolate. Let sit for one minute. After infinitesimal has passed, stir chop-chop with a safety spatula until smooth. Set aside to cool for at to the lowest degree 15 minutes.

  2. In the bowl of an electric mixer, shell remaining 2 cups cream until withal peaks course. While whipping, add the ane/two tsp. vanilla. This doesn't take long at all. Watch carefully or else yous'll whip it into butter!

  3. Once you have whipped cream, gently fold inward the cooled chocolate mixture inward 3 additions. Don't over mix. Once incorporated, comprehend and refrigerate for at least 8 hours, over nighttime is preferred.

  4. To make the berries, add berries, lemon juice as well as zest, carbohydrate, together with dearest to a bowl together with stir to combine. Refrigerate until prepare to function. The berries volition release all their juices together with go saucy and delicious!

  5. When fix to serve, remove from fridge for a half hour more or less too scoop or pipage the mousse into cups. Layer or acme alongside dear lemon berries. Enjoy!